1. We agree on a two hour arrival window.

When you book your job or estimate we will give you a two hour arrival window. Then, when the truck is about thirty minutes away, one of our friendly SLAM JUNKERS will give you a quick phone call.

2. You get a free estimate with our SLAM JUNK guarantee.

Let our SLAM JUNKERS know what you want taken away and they’ll give you a no-obligation guaranteed estimate based on our easy to understand price-by-volume formula.

But don’t worry, we won’t ever charge you more than our initial quote. That’s the SLAM JUNK guarantee. In fact, if your things fill up less of our truck than we initially estimate, we’ll charge you the lower amount.

3. We safely and speedily take your items away.

Once you’ve decided what needs to be taken away, all you need to do is sit back and relax while THE SLAM JUNKERS do the moving! We do ALL the labor and loading no matter where your items are located and we clean up afterward, too!

4. It gets better!

Now that everything is loaded in the truck, our SLAM JUNKERS make sure to find the best home for your items, working hard to make sure that “a landfill” is last on that list. If your junk happens to be another’s treasure, we make sure you get a tax-deductible receipt for all the items that we donate on your behalf!